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Ski smart not hard!

Whether you are after the “perfect turn” or would like to improve your technique – let me show you how you can easily boost your skills to get the most out of your carving-turns or to just have more fun with less effort. Following a holistic approach, we work together on several details that add up to a great whole. Let’s make something supposedly hard look easy and enjoyable!


Skiing in a state of absolute flow!

Ever dreamt of cruising down untouched mountain-slopes in knee-deep powder in an absolute breathtaking scenery? Well, let’s not only think but ski outside the box! After checking your safety equipment including an introduction how to use your avalanche-transceiver, shovel, probe and avalanche-rucksack we will leave the groomed slopes behind and the backcountry.
Of course, all off-piste activities are based on a sound safety-strategy which considers all players (such as wind, weather, snow-conditions, avalanche risk, your condition and so on) to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Let me, your professional skiguide, take care of that and show you the best terrain and take you to the best powder, so that you can dive in and find your flow!


Ski-touring – the epitome of freedom!

Skinning up untouched mountain-slopes is the original way of skiing – back to the roots with the most modern equipment. “Earn your turn” takes on a whole new meaning. While skinning up the mountain at your own pace leaving we will leave the hustle and bustle of the ski resort with every single step. You will not only consciously perceive the breathtaking alpine scenery but will also experience a very intense self-perception. Full of happiness on our way to the summit, every move becomes a joy – after all your reward is waiting for you already! After a very intense moment (or two) on the summit the switch from uphill- to downhill-mode makes the smile grow even bigger and then there is just one more thing to do…

Snow & Avalanche Safety

All the gear no idea?

Let me show you how to use your personal safety equipment such as avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and maybe also your airbag-rucksack. Because every craftsman knows how to use his tools. But even more important than knowing how to act in a case of emergency is to reduce the risk in advance already, by setting a proper strategy. Based on profound theoretical input I will teach you how to plan a day in the backcountry. From interpreting the avalanche bulletin, to reading the signs on the mountain and in the snow and setting a proper strategy to ski down the actual slope. Of course, this also includes a detailed analysis of the snowpack by looking at each layer to find out how stable and safe it is.

Because at the end of the day knowledge and experience is king when it comes to skiing in the backcountry.

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